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Common Questions Asked

Is it really dust free?

Yes it is! Please don’t waste your time sealing off other rooms or covering furniture in adjoining areas because we are dustfree, DUST FREE – that’s NO DUST. It’s hard to comprehend as we’ve seen it before or heard stories of terrible invasive dust but The Dustfree Floorsanding Company won’t add fine toxic sanding dust to your office, shop or home.

In what order do I get in my tradesmen?

Floor sanding generally needs to be last trade and after all other trades so you can protect your investment.

Will I have to empty out shelves and tape over cupboards?

Not anymore! Save time and hassle as well as avoid exposure to carcinogenic dust. This is the beauty of using The Dustfree Floorsanding Company. Thanks to our “greener” system – our rejuvenation process won’t contribute dust to your timber flooring project at all. Guaranteed.

Do I have to tape over and cover up adjoining rooms?

No. Adjoining rooms and special furniture are completely safe as the dust-free floorsanding system removes all the dust as it goes – taking it outside through hoses before it gets a chance to settle inside your home, gallery or shop front.

Will I have to protect computers and our piano in the Library/study?

No as the dust isn’t allowed to escape the machines and is drawn outside away from clients, precious art works, linen, books, soft furnishings etc. Chandeliers, computers, furniture and paintings are no longer under threat of being compromised by invasive, filthy fine sanding dust.

Should I move out? How long for?

Depending on the layout of your home or property – jobs vary from 3 to 6 days. Most clients are able to access the rest of their building and with careful advice, can have a minimal amount of disruption and hopefully stay at the property during the floor polishing project. Rather than the traditional use of toxic fumes and carcinogenic dust being left unchecked to roll around the property, now sanding dust doesn’t float around the building. Days of clean up are completely avoided and clients no longer have to ventilate their property for weeks to reduce toxic solvent fumes. Waterborne coatings and natural oil systems ensure you are back settled into your normal routine within a few days or so of the project finishing.

How much dust will there be?

None. Again we will not create any dust at your project so there wont be any dust to deal with. Our innovative total dust extraction system means clients finally have the opportunity to experience a dust free timber flooring renovation without the chaos. The last thing we want is for Clients to be held to ransom by covering the rest of the house, putting drop sheets everywhere or taping off rooms or by time consuming clean ups caused from fine, toxic and invasive sanding dust after we’re gone.


Indoor Pets generally don’t like noisy tradesmen taking over their turf. Access to the new floor is restricted during the project as well. We feel it is best for most Pets to be kept elsewhere so they can relax until it’s more comfortable for them to come home. Also, being dust free we wont affect little noses later on.

Fridge & food?

Coating systems utilised by The Dustfree Floorsanding Company ensure fumes won’t soil fridge contents or affect food stuffs, products, fabric etc like polyurethane always does.

What do I need to do to get ready?

The Dustfree Floorsanding Company requires parking in the immediate area close to your project for the trucks or trailer. All furniture needs to be removed off the work zone involved prior to works as well as all hanging pictures and mirrors etc for safety reasons. We may require sole access to the work site to ensure quality control and adequate power supply. Our dust extraction units are powered independently and therefore completely self-sufficient.

What if I can’t arrange the take up of our old floor coverings?

We can provide a separate quote for takeup of old carpets, most vinyls, cork, underlay, staples, smoothedge and removal to the Transfer Station. We have a strip out company that we can refer to for tiles, slate, old kitchens etc as well.

What if I need more information?

Please call or email The Dustfree Floorsanding Company to address other concerns or questions you might have. As Australia’s first and only truly GENUINE dust free floorsanders, we are here to help and to also make the renovation process easier. It is our pleasure to assist any way we can.

E: info@dustfree-floorsanding.co.uk
T: 020 38838044
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