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The dust-free floorsanding process

How we do it...

We as a company have progressed and developed into using innovative techniques and equiment, to give our clients a flawless result.. Our innovative service have greatly benefited our Clients, as we have exceeding expectations on every single job.

Historically Floorsanding is known for being an invasive, toxic, “non-environmentally friendly”, inconvenient trade. With our company, every single one of your doubts or negative thoughts about floor sanding will be erased. There is no other company like ours, and that is guaranteed.

A number of floorsanding companies advertise ‘Dust Free’ floor sanding, which is very bold statement to make. This unfortunately is never the case. The Dustless Floorsanding Company guarantees our dust extraction system is by far the most powerful and unique system in the UK, and we do exactly as we state. We are so proud to provide our clients with a truly genuine DUSTFREE FLOOR SANDING service.

We do not advertise a ‘Dust Free’ service, and complete the job using hoovers. No. There is certainly no match for our total dust evacuation system. These so called ‘dustless’ machines are the common belt sanders with a dust bag, which most of us have been using for 20 years or more – it’s not dustless. Its a clothbag. The person using the machinery also has to wear protective items such as goggles or a dust mask, would these be needed for a dust free service? not at all. We don’t have to cover any furniture or part of your property, nor do we have to wear masks. This is truly dust free.

No other machine, vacuum or dust extractor in this country will remove such fine dust particles. Our dust extraction unit is set up outside your property not inside – We couldn’t offer a more convenient, efficient service to you. Results that will exceed your expectations. Now this is a service truly worth every penny.

Why wouldn’t you use this dustfree service for your timber floorsanding renovations!

For a free estimate or if you have any questions about our innovative service please contact us on 020 38838044.

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