Dust Free Floor Sanding Company

Dust Free Floor Sanding

Premium London Floor Restoration Service

Dust Free Floor Sanding Company

We offer 100% DUST FREE floor sanding utilising the only units of their kind in the UK

  • 100% DUSTLESS – no one has the machinery but us!!
  • Through a series of 2″ hoses attached to our HEPA filtered machines, all dust particles are sucked straight out of the sanding machines and transferred outside of your property into the self powered dust collection unit
  • No other machine, vacuum or dust extractor in this country will remove such fine dust particles
  • Our Clients don’t have to clear out wardrobes or pictures etc from shelves to protect their valuable items from sanding dust.
  • No toxic dust at all to be cleaned up or inhaled
  • We are unique as there is no comparison to the service we provide

For a free estimate or if you have any questions please contact us on 020 38838044.

Drafty floors – are you thinking of having your gaps filled?

We recommend slivers of wood to fill gaps on your floorboards because:

  • Slivers are a 100% permanent solution, they last and look very good for a LIFETIME.
  • Complete closure of all gaps as the wood slivers are glued, wedged and then hammered tight into gaps.
  • Slivers are more pleasing to the eye, light natural wood coloured gap opposed to the resin option.

Our Gallery (See more examples of our work)

The Dustfree Floorsanding Company has evolved from a great need to revolutionise the wooden floor sanding industry.

Working across the whole of London and surounding areas, we can guarantee our dust extraction system is by far the most powerful in the UK and won’t add dust to your property.

Our innovative service has greatly benefited loads of our Customers who are genuinely surprised but also delighted by this fantastic process. Generally Floorsanding is known for being quite invasive and non-environmentally friendly.

You no longer have to accept dust/fumes when you appoint us as a floorsanding company. Believe us when we say “dust gets everywhere” in every nook and cranny, even when the area has been totally covered!

Remember – no dust, no clean up, no hassle!

We cover London and all surrounding areas

London Coverage
E: info@dustfree-floorsanding.co.uk
T: 020 38838044
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