Our Services

The Dust Free Floor Sanding Company has two core principles:

  • Delivering your floor sanding truly dust and stress free – no need to tape up doorways or shelving
  • Ensuring customer delight

The Dustfree Floorsanding Company – a cleaner, healthier renovation option for all our clients.

Our services are unique using innovative techniques and equipment to give our clients a flawless result. We aim to keep you informed throughout the process and exceed your expectations throughout the transformation process.

  • We have grown and developed our innovative techniques and equipment to give our clients a flawless result.
  • We aim to ensure customer delight and have repeated business through client recommendations.
  • Our unique dust extraction system is by far the most powerful in the UK. Our dust extraction unit uses a HEPA filter to remove such fine dust particles and is set up outside your property not inside!

Floor sanding is known for being an invasive and inconvenient trade, many competitors make advertise their dust free floor sanding techniques but do not mention their legacy reliance on cloth bags inside your house to collect the dust.


For a free estimate or if you have any questions about our innovative service please contact us on 0208 659 3747.

Who we work with

  • Museums and Art galleries
  • Showrooms, Stores, Shop fronts and Boutiques
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Government Buildings and Community Halls
  • Schools, Public Library or Hospitals
  • Reception and Function Centres
  • Asthma suffers, allergy suffers and People with Chemical Sensitivity
  • Clients and families of all descriptions will face far less inconvenience
  • Neighbours and adjoining Businesses – retail or administrative offices
  • Products, stock and Staff will all benefit when you choose dustless sanding and waterborne coatings
  • Pianos, ornate Chandeliers, Studies, bookcases, clothes and expensive computer equipment won’t be exposed to invasive, damaging dust.

The Process

Depending on the width of your floor boards we will do our best to provide you with original reclaimed boards to keep the character of your house!

We can supply slivers to fill gaps between floorboards for a natural pleasing look:

  • Slivers are the most durable option
  • Complete closure of all gaps as the wood slivers are glued, wedged and then hammered tight into gaps.
  • Slivers are more pleasing to the eye, light natural wood coloured gap opposed to the resin option.

We can transform your timber floors using sealer and a direct stain technique

  • A totally different look to your timber floors by utilizing a direct stain technique to the raw timber.
  • Your floors can be transformed into a completely new style of colour before we apply your sealer and subsequent coats.
  • We offer professional advice and guidance to ensure we get the best possible result with your floors.


The varnishing process  uses natural oils and waterborne systems to create a fantastic look for all timber floors unique to your requirements and design aspirations.

We use Bona wooden coatings which are world renowned for quality since 1995:

  • Unique proposition to the market and in class leader
  • Innovative formula which reacts with oxygen giving the benefits of a two component product
  • Is environmentally friendly and sustainable with approximately 8 million kils of CO2 emissions saved